CQS Center of Quality & Standards is an organisation specialising in NABH, NABL audits. assessment and certification along with other management system standards.
Our team of vastly experienced business consultants take a practical down to earth approach ensuring certification is achieved simply and efficiently.

Our clients are varied and are involved in Healthcare, We have helped organisations throughout india to achieve their goals.
Our mission is to provide businesses with a professional, affordable service to a realistic timescale in order for them to meet their objectives without the need for extensive internal resource commitment.

We achieve this by utilising our highly trained, experienced staff and by cutting through the jargon to deliver a practical system in plain English. We at CQS always ensure our clients are our top priority and that they are treated with professionalism and courtesy.

Our Simple Process

NABH/NABL Consulting in 6 Simple Stages

1.Client Agreement

  • Agree the service or consulting you require and sign a client agreement
  • Pay 50% of the consulting fee as a deposit


  • Audit of your procedures and working practices
  • Issue of assessment report detailing the findings and areas to be addressed to achieve certification
  • Assistance with the preparation of documentation required to meet the requirements of the Standard


3.Completion of Outstanding Actions

  • Your Assessment Report will detail actions required in order for you to meet the requirements of the Standard(s)
  • You must implement these actions in the timeframe between your Assessment and your Certification Audit

4.Certification Audit

  • Further Audit of your procedures and working practices to confirm that you have rectified the areas highlighted in your Stage 1
  • Discussion to confirm your understanding of commitment required to maintain your CQS certification
  • CQS Certificate and logo presentation upon successful completion of your Audit.

5.Annual Audit

  • Surveillance Audits of your management system to confirm that you still meet the requirements of the Standard
  • CQS will issue a new certificate every 18 months upon successful completion of your annual audits.

6.NABH/NABL Consultancy

  • Once the above process of gap analysis, Documentation, Implementation, Validation is completed SHCO is ready to apply for pre-accreditation entry level NABH/NABL
  • Same procedure will be followed for HCO.

7.Pricing for NABH/pre-accreditation entry level 

  • Rupees 1,35,000 for under 50 bedded hospital
  • Rupees 3,00,000 for 50 bedded to 100 bedded hospital

8.Pricing for NABH accreditation

  • Price quotation will be provided after visiting the hospital