CQS Products

Manage Employees Learning with Ease

Develop a flexible, highly trained workforce with the skills needed to grow your business. With  CQS Study Groups, harness CQS full course listing to continuously up-skill your employees and boost productivity. Monitor from your CQS Study Groups Dashboard as employees complete selected courses.

Flash Testing

Test and Verify Candidates Knowledge

With Flash Testing verify an CQS graduates learning achievement at any time by asking the graduate to sit an immediate CQS Flash Test on the course that they have studied. Questions can be job specific or general, and Flash Tests can be performed anywhere that you have internet access.

CQS Ad-Free

Learning with no Ad interruptions

CQS main source of income comes from the advertisements appearing on our courses, allowing us to provide our courses for free. We offer an advertisement-free option for individuals and groups. Sign up for a seamless learning experience.

CQS Certification

Benefit from the CQS Global Standard

CQS Certificates and only awarded upon course completion with a score of 80% or more “ note that this is to a higher standard than traditional Educational Institutes. We also offer customized certificates for group management.