Corporate Training

With increasing incidence of medical emergencies in corporate/government offices, factories, and public places, it is imperative that all staff members are trained in the basics of how to handle a serious medical situation when it arises. Too often, people are caught naware and are unable to perform the simple steps required to save a colleague’s life. Learn more about our corporate programs below, as every second counts!


1.CQS First Responder Certification:CQS Healthcare 1 Day  
2.CQS Basics of CPR & First Aid Certification:CQS Healthcare 1 Day 
3.CQS Fire Safety Certification:CQS Healthcare 1 Day 
4.CQS Advanced First Aid Certification:CQS Healthcare 2 Days 
5.CQS Emergency Responder Certification:CQS Healthcare 5 Days 
6. CQS, AED & Basic First Aid Certification: CQS 1 Day 
7.CQS Pregnancy and Neonatal Care Certification:CQS Healthcare 1 Day 
8.Emergency Oxygen Certification: CQS 1 Day 
9.Bloodborne Pathogens Certification: CQS CQS Pediatric CPR, AED, and First Aid Certification: CQS 1 Day 
10.CQS-HeartSaver CPR & AED Certification: CQS1 Day 
11.CQS -Heart Saver, First Aid Certification: CQS1 Day 
12.CQS – Heart Saver, First Aid, CPR & AED Certification: 1 Day