Vocational Courses

Your Career Path Starts Here

You want a long-term career in healthcare, but you don’t know where to start from? Youve heard that the healthcare industry needs qualified people, but you cant find the right training institution to match your high expectations? This is where we come in. We have the right networks to get your career started with programs designed to prepare you for everything the industry has to offer. Explore our programs to learn more about what our career-oriented programs are capable of offering you and the requirements for each job role. 

Career Oriented Programs

  1. Emergency Medical Tech (EMT-B) Certification:HSSC Eligiblity:10+2/Healthcare Providers Duration  2/6 Months
  2. Dialysis Technician Certification: HSSC Eligibility: 10+2 Duration 12 Months 
  3. General Duty Assistant Certification: HSSC Eligibility: 10th Pass Duration 2 Months  
  4. X-Ray Technician Certification: CQS Healthcare/HSSC Eligibility: 10+2 Duration 8 Months 
  5. Radiology Technician Certification: CQS Healthcare/HSSC Eligibility: 10+2 (Science/X-Ray Tech with 3Yrs exp. ) Duration 12 Months 
  6. Dental Assistant Certification: CQS Healthcare/HSSC Eligibility: 10+2 Duration 6 Months 
  7. Phlebotomy Technician Certification: CQS Healthcare/HSSC Eligibility: 10+2 With Science Duration 4 Months 
  8. Advanced Emergency Medical Tech(EMT-A) Certification: CQS Healthcare/HSSC Eligibility: 10+2 With Science/EMT Basic Duration 6 Months